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No upgrade when selecting "complete" installation

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Posted 27 January 2003 - 15:22

When I install the product by selecting "complete" installation (via user interface: typical, complete, custom), everything installs fine.

On the other hand, when I try to do the same - and a previous version of the product is already installed - so, it's an upgrade - no feature or component gets installed. (Also no feature or component gets uninstalled.)

The log then reports:
Installed: Absent;   Request: Null;   Action: Null
for all components and features.

When I do the same upgrade by selecting some features in a "custom" setup, the features and components get installed resp. deinstalled fine.

When I do a fresh installation, selecting a "complete" setup, the files get installed, too.

[Product code and version number have changed between versions; upgrade code has remained the same; upgrade table is OK; (top-level) features are marked "required".
Everything worked with the previous versions of the setup program. I think all I've changed is introducing two command line parameters, conditionally adding a dialog form, and writing to the registry.]

- Why does a "complete" "upgrade" not install as supposed?

- Thank you for any piece of information or idea!


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Posted 29 January 2003 - 05:01

Have the component codes changed by any chance?

In you log check what the current state of the features, maybe they were set to advertise?