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Posted 04 September 2001 - 09:30

I need to launch another setup program during my installation, which means that the main setup has to wait while i replace the CD and install inner setup.
The problem is that after i put the CD, main setup doesn't wait and continue to run with the inner setup.
Additionally, i don't understand how the main setup continue to run although it doesn't have the right CD.
I use the function LaunchAppAndWait with the flag parameter 'WAIT'.
The other function 'DoInstall' isn't suited for us because it needs setup.ins and not setup.exe as a parameter.
Please send me any suggests (if you have sample code it will be great).
Thank you.


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Posted 04 September 2001 - 12:44

Do I understand this right?
You want to start the (main) setup.exe from CD, let the setup wait, while you change the CD and run am different setup, and carry on with the first CD setup ... ???

This could be done better with exiting from the first setup and re-running it after the second setup.
The problem is changing the CD which is needed by the first setup ...