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Windows Installer msi

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Posted 15 February 2002 - 15:50

When you create a new msi package using the .net setup and deployment project, you can create multiple launch conditions that will halt the installation of your app if certain requirements are not met.

Is there a way to have the setup package display all of the required launch conditions at the same time, instead of each one individually.

example: If I create 2 launch conditions, one for IE 6.0 and one for IIS 5.0, and the machine is missing both.  When I run the install program the first time, it will only display that I am missing IE.  Then when I install IE, and then run the setup again, it will show me that I am missing IIS.

I would like both requirements to show at the same time.

Any Ideas,

Ian Blake

Ian Blake
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Posted 15 February 2002 - 16:10

Create a third condition to check if both are missing.  Ensure the earlier conditions will fail only if that condition  fails alone.