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MSI running non-existent Custom Action

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Posted 04 September 2012 - 19:00

Hi all,

I'm currently working with Installshield 2012 - Professional Edition.

I'm having a problem with a major upgrade. I have a custom action that deletes folders, however I don't want the Custom Action to run anymore, so I took it out of the UI sequence by making it "Absent from sequence", that didn't work, the Custom Action still runs as it if its there.

So, I deleted it completely from the MSI and did a search in the MSI tables to make sure it isn't there, and its not, but it still runs when I do the upgrade.

I searched the Flexera site for some answers and the only post i found was one where the guy said that custom actions "get stuck" in the MSI, his suggestion was to rebuild the MSI a few times to make it go "away"...
Well, since I had to focus on other MSI bugs for our QA cycle I since rebuild the MSI about 3 times, and long behold the custom action stopped running and I was happy, however... last friday it showed up again...

I rebooted my machine, delete temp folders etc.. to see if i can get this resolved.
Does anyone have a clue on where to look or how to get rid of non-existent custom actions that run when they are not supposed to?

please reply to this topic or email me directly at installbr1305@gmail.com

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 05 September 2012 - 11:15

Let me start with the obvious: if the custom action exists in the old msi which you are uninstalling as part of the major upgrade, it will run (depending on its conditions).

To find out if the custom action is errorneously built into the new msi, open the .msi file (not the .ism) in a msi editor like InstEd or in direct edit mode in InstallShield.

Other locations to look:
- Direct Editor in InstallShield (CustomAction table and Sequence tables)
- if the .ism project file is in binary format, you can open it with an msi editor
- if you switched to xml format, you can open the .ism in a xml or txt editor