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2 really weird problems with IS5

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Posted 12 November 2001 - 16:11


first of all, I am new to the Install-Shield topic, and am currently working on my first setup ever. So far, I have learned quite a lot and managed to build a stable multi-platform setup. But there are two things that seem very strange to me:

1.) When I want to enter the string " " in A STring-tbale, Installshield interpretes it as a linefeeed. Of course, as a C++ programmer, I am aware of the fact that represents a linefeed, so I do as I would in C++, and write "\ ", which results in \ linefeed :(
So, big question: how to display as a string?

2.) Whenever I have the Media-directory open in an explorer window, and I try to compile my project, Installshield says that the directory is locked by another program - that is nonsence, the pure fact that another program has access to a directory does not implicitly mean it is locked, does it?
The esame happens when I use a cmd-shell, and I have changed to the Media-directory. this is annoying, since I want to work using the cmd-box simultaniously.

Besides, the editor is really crappy, but that is another point :-(

Any opinions and hints regarding this topic are welcome.

Thank you alot,


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 13 November 2001 - 11:15

1) I think this bug was fixed in a later version. Which version are you using?

2) IS tries to rename the directory, but if it's opened in Windows Explorer, it can't. Close Explorer or naviagte to a different directory.