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Uninstalling .ini files

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Posted 07 June 2001 - 10:29

I have a setup which modifies .ini files which when I uninstall are not removed. Also my application creates files which I wish to remove.

Can anyone tell me if this can be achieved?

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Blake Miller Wonder

Blake Miller Wonder
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Posted 07 June 2001 - 18:07

If you can make dummy placeholder files, then have the installer create them, and when it uninstalls, the files will be removed.  Otherwise, you can investigate creating a custom uninstall DLL that will be called by the Uninstallshield.  Within this DLL you can make some Win32 API calls to delete the files and undo the changes to the Ini files.


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Posted 08 June 2001 - 13:39

As the documentation describes (if one happens to find the text) files are not deleted if they are created by writing a text ie with WriteProfString. The text in this file will be deleted, but not the file itself.
So (like Blake Miller Wonder said) copy a dummy file to this location, write the text needed into it and it will be deleted when uninstalled.

Blake: I didn't want to copy your text, just make clear how this happens.