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Determining Cause of Size Difference in MSIs...

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 14:39

Hi all,

I'm puzzled (Again!). I have a single .ism file that contains two releases, not wrapped in a setup.exe, but compressed into .msi's.

The release flags for each are as follows...

Common - components common to both releases
Standard - only contains a registration .ini file
Pro - only contains a registration.ini file
x86 - components to only be placed on 32 Bit systems
x64 - components to only be placed on 64 Bit systems.

The only difference between the two releases is the Standard and Pro flags.

When I build the .msi's, the Standard package is 105 MB. When I build the Pro package, it results in a 95 MB package. How can I tell what is causing the difference. A single entry .ini file, which really is the only difference, shouldn't cause that much difference. ??

I tried .msi differencing, but couldn't really find anything either. I'm using IS 2012.

Any info would be Greatly Appreciated, as always!!

Thanks much!

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Posted 21 March 2012 - 15:45

It seems that when I deleted the smaller of the two packages first, then recompiled, it recompiled with the larger size.

I wonder what caused that. I didn't see a quick compile option like I used to have available in Wise. I think that would just package differences instead of compiling the entire package. I can't find such an option in InstallShield - is there one? If so, I'd like to turn that off. I want complete recompiles each time.