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Change title in a custom dialog

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Posted 19 June 2001 - 17:23

I am trying to change the title in a custom dialog in my script but can't find the ID of the title.  Could somebody please tell me how to do it?  Thanks!


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Posted 20 June 2001 - 10:01

You don't have to know the ID if the dialog title.

Just use SetWindowText:

STRING  szDlg[512];
HWND    hwndDlg;

szDlg = "DialogName";
EzDefineDialog( szDlg, "", "", CUSTOM_DIALOG_ID );

hwndDlg = CmdGetHwndDlg( szDlg );

Then on DLG_INIT, call:
SetWindowText(hwndDlg, "The dialog Title");