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reinstallation problem

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Posted 04 June 2002 - 14:11


I have problem with my setup program under Windows 98.
I'm installing my program and rebooting system. Next I am using program (my programm SsoKernel.dll is locked). Now I am installing program again and I reboot system.
My SsoKernel.dll is not overwritten but new file with name SSOKER~1.dll is created.
What is the cause such a behavior?
Why my dll is not overwritten with the same name?



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Posted 05 June 2002 - 09:56

That's one of these old, still existing and always annoying 8.3 filename problems. Win9x (Windows 95, 98 and ME) needs the windows kernel to already run to support long filenames. But on Win9x the replacement of locked files is done during the startup (still on the commandline) by the WININIT.EXE application which runs before the windows kernel is started -> so there is no support for long filenames at that time (it can't be done later, because the file to be replaced might already be loaded again).
If you want to replace a file which is loaded by windows during startup (shared DLLs, *.VXDs), then you have to use 8.3 filenames to make sure that it works under any circumstances.
Your DLL (SsoKernel.dll) has 9 chars in the filename - it's one char to long. Sorry.