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Have a major upgrade add a new component

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Posted 06 December 2016 - 00:10

My issue appears to be identical to another issue a member asked about a few years back so I'm hoping somebody can help provide some insight as to what I'm doing wrong


Original thread.



What I have is that I do a full install and I have a feature (Test_Env) that isn't installed by default but can be selected.  When it is selected, I add a file to the filesystem to denote the feature is added.    The reason for this method is so during an upgrade, a QA person can just add the file if it isn't already present and the installer will understand that it should install the Test_Env feature if it isn't already.


The full setup works great.  The upgrade is being a pain.  When I do the upgrade, I first do a "System Search" and store the location in TESTINSTALL property.  The Feature is under our main product that is installed

  • Setup Design
    • OurProduct
      • Test_Env
      • Sub Feature 1
      • Sub Feature 2
      • etc
    • Optional Feature

The default INSTALLLEVEL is set to 100, all feature except Test_Env are set to 1.  Test_Env is set to 100.


The Test_Env feature has 2 conditions put on it

  • Level: 0    --- NOT TESTINSTALL
  • Level: 1   ---  TESTINSTALL


In the full logs, I can see that TESTINSTALL is set set to the correct location.  IF the full install with Test_Env installed was installed prior, the Test_Env feature will be updated.  If I did not install the Test_Env feature, the condition never seems to trigger and mark it to install.


Any thoughts?



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Posted 21 December 2016 - 01:53

Check to make sure you don't have Migrate Feature States in your major upgrade item.  It is only available to view on the advanced tab of the upgrade item.