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LaunchApp Problem

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Posted 05 May 2005 - 14:05

Hi all

I am trying to launch an application after the install is done, before the finished screen appears (the code is within OnFirstUIAfter). The install tries to lauch the app but returns my error.

The code is required to replace text (#S#) from file (a) with the server name entered from a dialog box provided in the install and pipe all the text and replaced entries to file (cool.gif ...

if infoUser.bInstallExeCode then
svParam = "\"s/#s#/\\\\\\\\"
+ infoUser.svServer
+ "/\" < "
+ INSTALLDIR ^ "InstallExeCode\\upg_data_tbl_install_exe_code.txt > "
+ INSTALLDIR ^ "InstallExeCode\\r5_upg_data_tbl_install_exe_code.sql";

if(LaunchApp(SystemFolder^"Sed.exe", svParam) < 0 ) then
szMsg1 = "Error generating tbl_install_exe_code sql file. Command ="
+ svParam;
MessageBox(szMsg1, SEVERE);

All I get is my error display showing. If I type the code in at the dos prompt it works fine, so I know the function sed.exe is getting installed correctly

- so where am I going wrong? sad.gif


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Posted 24 May 2005 - 07:02

Not sure but set your svParam variable by using LongPathToQuote( svParam, FALSE)
after that call LaunchApp