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Installation Design

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Posted 21 April 2004 - 23:24

I am working on a product that supports both WebLogic and Websphere J2EE server. I can do one of the following

1) create 1 installer, and have install code prompt user for which j2ee server, and installer will do the appropriate copy/setup steps based on user input
2) create 2 installer, each is written for the specific j2ee server

With option 1, no code duplication for non j2ee portion.
with option 2, I have to duplicate non j2ee code into 2 project files

In real world, are there any trend/preference which approach customer/end user are expecting?




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Posted 29 April 2004 - 16:15

Hi K.K.,

In the real world, the user will always be expecting the simplest solution. In other words, the one that requires the least effort.

So I would definitly go with option #1.

However, keep this in mind:

(1) Make sure you clearly present the 2 choices. Leave no room for ambiguity.

(2) Determine which choice should be the default. If that is impossible, make the user choose, do not choose a default option for him.

Good Luck.
The Eskimo

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Posted 04 May 2004 - 01:50

Thanks for your feedback