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Change merge module destination on PATCH

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Posted 30 October 2012 - 14:35

Hi all,

I have a basic MSI project which contains a merge module.
The destination chosen for the merge module on Release of the basic MSI was wrong.
Now I would like to create a PATCH (minor upgrade) for the basic MSI project.

Does windows installer allow changing the destination of a merge module on a PATCH (minor upgrade)?

Many thanks in advance,


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Posted 28 November 2012 - 16:49

I'm not positive but I do not believe this is allowed in a minor upgrade.

I think you could get around this by creating a dummy module and zeroing out the components and setting it to a false install condition. Make sure re-evaluate is set to yes. This would remove the old module.

Then you could drop down a new module in a new location. Here is a link with an answer from Stefan that is more descriptive (it was to a slightly different question but I believe the response is still valid for your case) http://forum.install...topic=21130&hl=


here is the excerpt I am referring to: "As a workaround I'd suggest using a small or minor update, but don't remove the component, thus avoiding breaking the component rules. Instead, set the component's condition to 0 (meaning FALSE) and its "re-evaluate condition" flag to yes. At the same time, add the "prevent downgrade" entry to prepare for future major upgrades.
Use InstallShield's upgrade validation to make sure you're not breaking any other minor update component rules."

I just wanted to make sure Stefan got credit for the solution which is why I linked the original post

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