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Repackaging "complex" applications

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Posted 17 May 2006 - 22:10

We are using Admin Studio 7.5 to perform COTS installations and configurations. Our ultimate goal is an automated installation for a complex system of servers. Each server would have an install "package" (multiple MSI's) that would be pushed once the O/S was laid down (using ADS).

Several of the COTS packages we are working with (Remedy, Documentum, etc) use a Windows thin-client to connect / configure / upgrade a UNIX server back-end that houses application binaries and database elements.

What is the general concensus on the best way to approach this type of installation? Are there tools available to help us automate the installation and configuration of complex applications like these?


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Posted 28 December 2007 - 11:50

I am working on Installshield 10.5 version

I am facing a problem in Microsoft office 2003 Package

I have to remove addin from outlook 2003 Please if any body is having Vb script Or solution for this mail me

Thanks and regards'