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InstallShield 11.5 will split in two product lines

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 14 November 2005 - 09:58

Macrovision has posted the release notes for InstallShield 11.5 in the following knowledge base article:

According to this article the release date is November 28, 2005. With version 11.5 the product will be split in a Windows and a MultiPlatform edition:
With the announcement of InstallShield 11.5, the InstallShield product was split into two products: InstallShield 11.5 (for Windows- and mobile-based installation projects) and InstallShield MultiPlatform 11.5 (for Universal-based installation projects). Macrovision did this to better serve the unique needs of our Windows and MultiPlatform customers. If you created installation projects with InstallShield 11, 10.5, or X, InstallShield 11.5 projects are backward compatible with only Windows- and mobile-based installation projects. InstallShield 11.5 is backward compatible with any installation project created with DevStudio, Developer, Professional, and Express products. InstallShield 11.5 is not backward compatible with installation projects created with InstallShield MultiPlatform 4 or 5. If you would like to migrate projects created with those versions to the latest version of the product, you would need to upgrade to or purchase InstallShield MultiPlatform 11.5.

If you are using both flavors (Windows Installer or InstallScript, and Universal for Linux etc.) in version 11.0 I'd suggest buying a maintenance plan a.s.a.p. A Bronze maintenance plan is available at the same price as a single upgrade.

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