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Deploying VB

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Posted 22 November 2002 - 07:32

Does anyone know what my users require on their PC if I'm deploying a VB software using an Access database on a shared network drive?

Do they require Access on their PC's?


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Posted 22 November 2002 - 19:04

i think you will find that the following files are required:

; MS Visual BASIC Run-Time Library

( these files will depend on the version of vb used.  the ones identified here are for v5 and v6 )

after that it depends on how the app was coded to access the access database ( rdo/ado/odbc/... ).  i have included a few of these in the following...

; Middleware files

( if you do decide to bundle any middleware files make sure that are of a common version )

; MS Automation DLL

( most likely not needed...)

hope that helps a bit...