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how to include line-feed in a AcationText table ?

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Posted 25 November 2004 - 17:59


I am trying to change the dafault Template string for in the ActionText table for the "InstallFiles" action.
By Default, the sting (or, the "Template") is :

File: [1], Directory: [9], Size: [6]

However, I want to include new-line feeds in this formated string, so it will look in my dialog something like that :

File: [1]
Directory: [9]
Size: [6]

Is it possible to do so ?

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Posted 26 November 2004 - 14:38


Did you try to add simple line feeds symbols?

In hexadecimal 0D0A or ASCII 13 and ASCII 10?

Microsoft description states that Text field of ActionText table is a text string and it is not validated.

Sincerely your,
Anton Spitsyn