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Problems with my Launcher application

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Posted 17 May 2002 - 21:50

Hi All,

I wrote a setup launcher application that has many hotspot controls clicking on which the corresponding setup will be launched. i have some problems with the launcher when my setup spans across 2 cds.  When the user removes the first cd and inserts the second one to continue with the install, the launcher application that is running on the machine crashes since the 1st cd which had this launcher exe was removed from the drive. I'm working around this problem by having another program to copy the launcher to user's temp directory and launching it off from there. But are there any permanent fixes to this issue? How should i redesign my launcher to prevent it from crashing when the CD that contains this is removed from the drive? Please help me with some ideas. Thanks for your time.


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Posted 10 September 2002 - 22:45

When the user selects the correct hotspot to launch your install, have your autoplay function end or force an exit. Not sure if you're using a tool or writing it from scratch, but an onclick>launchapp>exit function is what I'd shoot for.

Unless of case you need that app to run throughout the install. In this case, maybe you'd want to make the autoplay an installed program of its own?


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Posted 11 December 2002 - 15:42

i had a similar problem that i was able to solve by placing a second copy of the launcher on the second cd.  that might work in this case ?

off topic i know, but i now use the autoplay menu studio and find it to be really good...