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Advanced Installer 7.0 supports Windows Mobile/CE

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 28 May 2009 - 12:06

New Advanced Installer 7.0 brings Windows Mobile/CE support

On May 25th, 2009 Caphyon Ltd. announced the latest edition of its Windows Installer authoring tool. The new Advanced Installer enables developers and system administrators to easily build and repackage complex applications into reliable, ready to deploy MSI and EXE installers, patches and on-line updates.

The 7.0 release breaks new ground with the addition of full support for the Windows Mobile platform. Finally creating fully featured installers for your smartphone applications becomes just as easy as creating installers for your desktop products.

Another major addition in this release is the enhanced installation user interface. This brand new external UI implementation is laying the foundation for massive improvements on how your installers look and feel. Better Vista/Windows 7 integration, transparencies, exciting new controls and more powerful customization are ready to use in your installers.

Do you have installers already written with NSIS that you need to switch to Windows Installer? Advanced Installer 7.0 can import NSIS projects in addition to Visual Studio, WiX, Eclipse and Inno Setup. Quickly and painlessly convert them to MSI - with just a few mouse clicks.

And of course, as always, tons of smaller features come to help every-day's life of the installer developer. Application leftovers after uninstall are now a thing of the past with the built-in support for uninstall cleanup. Predefined Custom actions for port testing and application shutdowns. Prerequisites and launch conditions for XNA Framework, Windows Installer 5.0, Internet Explorer 8 and many more.

Other improvements in this version:
  • Windows Mobile/CE support
  • Import NSIS projects
  • Enhanced installation user interface
  • Cleanup application-generated resources and settings at uninstall
  • Persist user-modified application data through upgrades and repairs
  • Predefined custom action for testing if a port is free (not bound to an application)
  • Predefined custom action for closing applications
  • Custom name in the "Add or Remove Programs" applet
  • XNA Framework predefined prerequisite and launch condition
  • Windows Installer 5.0 predefined launch condition
  • Internet Explorer 8 predefined launch condition
  • SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5 SP1 predefined prerequisite
Advanced Installer is available in four editions, starting with the Freeware community edition and offering a 30-day trial period for the other editions.

For more information and ordering Advanced Installer please see:

(Text based on a press release from Caphyon Ltd.)