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Windows Installer help

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Posted 26 September 2011 - 11:32


I need to make the installation for a product. I've decided on Basic MSI and basically have three problems.

1. I have a folder with a bunch of html files with some accompanying gif/jpg files. The problem is that when I put them in the files view I get more than a 1000 components. Apart from the obvious problem of having > 1000 components I also get some considerable delay in the ide I'm using (InstallShield 2010). Any ideas how to deploy this large quantity of files?

2. I have a database file that is ~7GB large and does not fit the cab file 2Gb limit. What would be the proper way of deploying such a large file?
Up until now I've been using a custom action for decompressing an archive, but it comes with a different set of problems to deal with so I'm looking for a something more "native" to Windows installer.

3. I can't quite get my head around the following part of the component code rules :
-Change the name or target location of any resource that may be installed under the same name and target location by another component.
-Otherwise guarantee that the new component is never installed into the same folder as another component which has a resource under a common name and location. This includes localized versions of files with the same file name. For more information, see What happens if the component rules are broken?.

The first rule seems completely unpractical for me - i just can't change filenames or folder names everytime I need to update a file in a component - it would require a change in the application using them.
The second part seems to be applicable to me, but I'm not exactly sure how to guarantee that the old version is uninstalled before installing the new component. What would be the proper procedure to accomplish this?


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Posted 24 October 2011 - 16:35

When I need to add a lot of resource files, I usually make a dynamic file link to them and include them like that. It makes for one component and can include many files.

As far as your 7GB file goes, you might want to consider having an uncompressed installation. Though I am not sure how you would distribute such a large installation. Will all the fit on a DVD? You can also attempt to exclude this file from your compressed installation, create a CA that runs an Installscript to copy this file from your source media to the destination, and lastly author a removeFile table entry so that the file is removed on uninstall.

This copy technique is difficult to implement since there is very limited information available to a CA at the time you will need it to be executed. Look into authoring a

What are you trying to do with component code rules? You shouldn't have to change them unless you change something about what is getting installed from that component. Things like moving to a different feature, file name change. This is one thing you should be aware of when using dynamic file links and upgrades. Files whos names change do not get removed during a major update in some circumstances.