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custom uninstall DLL

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Gino Pallerberg

Gino Pallerberg
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Posted 30 September 2001 - 08:54

Hi to all,

i wrote a custom uninstall DLL to decrement a registry key.The method to
decrement the key (DecUseCountKey()) will be called in
Everything works fine, if i do it like this:

LONG APIENTRY UninstInitialize(HWND hwndDlg,HANDLE hInstance,LONG lRes)


MessageBox(NULL, "Test", "Test", MB_OK);




If i´m going to omit the MessageBox(...) call, the registry key will not be

The uninstall entry in the registry is correct, because the message box
comes up, if i´m doing the MessageBox call.

I also have tried to debug the dll, therefore called "IsUn0407.exe" with the
uninstallation registry arguments and it works without the

MessageBox(...) call in VC++ 6.0

It doesn`t work also, if called from a DOS Box command line without the
MessageBox(...) call.

Has anyone an idea?

OS is WIN2000 (not testet on other platforms).

Thanks in advance


Blake Miller Wonder

Blake Miller Wonder
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Posted 04 October 2001 - 22:52

Possibly you do not specifically link with all LIB required to make your DLL properly, and once you use the MessageBox, it drags in the proper library?