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Question on sdShowAnyDialog

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Posted 28 November 2005 - 21:59

I'm attempting to add a custom dialog to an InstallScript MSI project built in InstallShield 11.

I've created the dialog, which has a dropdown list combobox and an OK button.

The purpose of this dialog is to allow the user to select the SQL catalog they wish to operate upon within the installer. (I'm using stevanrin's InstallScript FillDatabaseList code from http://community.ins...ad.php?t=149615 to get the list)

I add the FillDatabaseList call during the ONSQLLogin script then in my main setup.rul, I'm using sdShowAnyDialog to display my custom combobox dialog. However, at runtime I'm getting an error from sdShowAnyDialog that it can't create the dialog. (Exact text: " In function 'SdShowAnydialog': Unable to create dialog. ")

At that point, the next dialog (sdStartCopy2) appears and installation is allowed to continue.

Is there any way instead of having this dialog in the main line to have it appear as a popup after the SQLBrowse dialog? (The behavior of SpawnDialog control event in Basic MSI projects, basically) Or is sdShowAnyDialog the only way to do this?

Any advice on how to make this work is appreciated.


Snippet from my setup.rul where I call sdShowAnyDialog:

nResult = OnSQLLogin( nResult );
if( nResult = BACK ) then
if (!bCustom) then
goto Dlg_SetupType;
goto Dlg_SdFeatureTree;


nResult = SdShowAnyDialog ( "Select A Catalog", "SQLDATABASE", 12010, 0 );

szTitle = "";
szMsg = "";

nResult = SdStartCopy2( szTitle, szMsg );

if (nResult = BACK) then
goto Dlg_SQL;


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Posted 07 December 2005 - 15:46

I got around needing this function for custom dialogs by finding a better way to deal with SQL. Thanks.