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ODBC - System DSN not being set. HELP!

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Jeff Mash

Jeff Mash
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Posted 02 March 2001 - 02:23

Hey there,

I'm trying to setup an ODBC datasource as a SYSTEM DSN, rather than a User DSN (which is the default).

First, I created a new project using an ODBC-DAO Template. Then, I edited the "_drivers" script file under the "Setup" tab by doing the following:

Going to my datasource section and ADDING the field: ISODBCDSNType=system.

I then compile and run my program, but it still only sets the DSN as a User DSN, despite the change I made above.

Do you have any advice to this? Have you experienced this at all, and if so, how do you get around it? Below is the EXACT copy of my _driver section for reference:

[Sample Data Source]
Description=This data source used for testing.
ISODBCDriverDesc=Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)
ISODBCComponentName=ISODBC Drivers\Microsoft Access Driver

I am using a Windows 2000 system and InstallShield 5.5 Professional.

Let me know if you can help me.
email- jeff@scimage.com

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 02 March 2001 - 13:52

Did you read the following knowledge base articles?

Q103226 PRB: ODBC-DAO-RDO Template Creates User DSN Instead of System DSN

Q102970 HOWTO: Creating an ODBC Data Source Using the ODBC-DAO-RDO Template

Q102704 INFO: Hints for Using and Troubleshooting the ODBC-DAO-RDO Template