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Package & Deployment Wizard VB6

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 14:25

I have noticed a serious problem during running "Package & Deployment Wizard"(Visual Basic 6). It warns me about:
1.) Missing dependency file for file: msexch35.dll
2.) That next files are out of date: comdlg32.ocx, mscomctl.ocx, msflxgrd.ocx, msrdo20.dll

So, when I have tried to run compiled program (installation) on other computers next things have happened:
- On Windows 98: It warns me that some files on my system are out of date and that is needed to be reinstall and Windows to be restarted, in order to proceed. After that, I could continue with installation and it was successful.
- On Windows XP: It warns me about same thing, but after Windows has been restarted, it repeats the same warning and ask me to do a same thing over and over. Of course, I couldn’t make a installation. (This is because of "System Restore", I guess…?)

I have tried to follow the instructions in "Help" and I've made a project ".dep" file, but things remains in the same way.

Please, suggest me what should I do to resolve this problem, I am waiting for your answer…

Taco Bell

Taco Bell

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Posted 06 July 2004 - 14:50

Well first off VB6's Package and Deployment Wizard isn't InstallShield Profesisonal 6, so ... **moving post**

Now for the missing dependencies for msexch35.dll, you'll need to use a dependency walker to determine the file(s). Unfortunately, one is isn't included in VB6, so if you have VC6 you can use the one from there or try looking on the Net.

Finally, the real problem with this simple wizard is that it just makes use of the local system files, whatever those may be, instead of a proper set of distributable system files. This is the reason for all your OS errors. You'll need to see if you can override the wizard to get these system files from another location. Otherwise you'll probably need to switch to a more complete setup package like InstallShield Professional.

Good luck.
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