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Feature State

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Posted 02 July 2001 - 12:22

I am using IPWI 2.03, i have features each contains only one component. And there is a one-to-one relation between components and features, a component isn't included more than one feature.

I've two custom actions, one would run during installation and the other would run during uninstallation of a specific feature. Both actions requires same parameters, and they get these values from UI dialogs.  

Actions and dialogs has same condition statement. For example, uninstallation of Feature Xyz, check is done by controlling &Xyz=2. And user is limited to either install a feature locally or not install, there isn't any other option like advertisement, etc.

All above are working appropriately during complete and custom installation. But during maintenance, if a user chooses modify and in custom setup window user can install or remove that feature, related dialog is displayed and parameters are taken and after pressing install button, corresponding action runs with entered parameters. And that feaute is installed or removed successfully.

But if the user chooses remove instead of modify in maintenance, than Remove UI dialog doesn't display, directly remove program dialog occurs. And if user presses Remove button corresponding remove action is run with Null parameters(since dialog isn't displayed).

Both remove action and dialog has same condition statement &Xyz=2, and they both work for Maintenance-Modify case. But why does only CA runs, UI dialog didn't display in Maintenance-Remove case.

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Posted 06 July 2001 - 17:11

It sounds like the condition you are using is not correct, if you use the & symbol this is means that the feature state has been selected or changing to this state which would be correct if you are installing or modifying the feature through the custom setup dialog which changes the feature state, but if you are selecting the remove button then you probly what to use the ! symbol which represents what the current state the feature is in.  I would do something like this.

In maintance dialog have event on next button

(_IsMaintance = "Remove") And ( !XYZ = 3)
then go to Dialog for user input so custom action will run correctly with correct parameters otherwise go to custom setup dialog.  

I hope this helpful.