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Feature condition

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Posted 25 June 2002 - 18:28


My release is today ...

I 'd like to set a feature condition for it does not appear
(so it is not installed) under Windows 98.

I don't want this feature to be installed and not to be seen
(in custom install) by the user.

How can I do that ?
Michel Bartoli[br]


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Posted 26 June 2002 - 09:19

Just a question in the beginning:
If your release date is today, how do you test?

Ok, now your question:
In general:Conditions on Features can be set in the Condition table for each feature. To disable a feature, set the level to 0 (zero) and a condtion, when this level shall be taken.
You asked about a condition about Windows 98, but a lot of people mean Windows 9x (95, 98, ME) when talking about 98. So I'm gonna give you several answers:
- all Win9x: Set level to 0 (zero) and condition to Version9X for the feature you want to disable.
- for Windows 98 only: Set level to 0 (zero) and condition to Version9X=410
- for Windows 95 & 98: Set level to 0 (zero) and condition to Version9X<=410
The possible values for Version9X and other operating system related properties can be found in Windows installer documentation. Search for "Operating System Property Values".