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IS 5.5 and too much RAM?

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Posted 18 April 2006 - 07:58


Strange problem here.

I do a normal install, and at the end call a LaunchAppAndWait to run a program
that creates license info.

However, on systems with 1.5GB RAM or more, Windows pops up a "An unexpected error occured, and Windows blablabla..."

If I take out some RAM, there is no problems.

This has nothing to do with the program I'm calling, that has been tested
up, down and sideways. The problem occurs when calling LaunchAppAndWait on systems with 1.5GB RAM or more. Is this some sort of memory-leak? Is it
a well-known problem? I certainly never heard of it before...

It has started to get annoying, because more and more client-systems running the install now has a lot of RAM.

I would be very interested in suggestions on fixing this, since the install is
important, but will only live until the end of 2006-ish, so I don't want to rewrite
the whole thing in another app now... dry.gif


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Posted 18 April 2006 - 10:01

-Stein Åsmul


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Posted 18 April 2006 - 10:19


Thanks for the reply, but probably isn't the source of my problem?

The install runs as it should, it is the LAAW that causes Windows to crash.
That leads me to believe that the problem might be related to the CreateProcess()-function that LAAW uses, or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

- Vegar

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 20 April 2006 - 11:30

IS 5.5 is not aware of such amounts of RAM (remeber that it was released about 10 years ago and still supported Windows 3.1) so that may well cause some buffer overflow or integer overflow.