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Installshield 2012

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Posted 30 September 2013 - 03:37




Currently I am using Installshield 2012. I have created an installer for a software using Basic MSI Project. Inside the installscript, I need to write a codes to run a .exe files (named IOLibrary.exe). This IOLibrary.exe will then be extracted to a few other files. One of the file is the Setup.exe. This Setup.exe will launch the installation wizard.


The steps is:

1. Run IOLibrary.exe

2. IOLibrary.exe will be extracted

3. Launch the Setup.exe (extracted from IOLibrary.exe)

4. Wait until Setup.exe is done then only continue to the next stage.


My problem is, the installscript continue to run other codes and doesn't wait for the Setup.exe wizard to finish/terminate.


I tried to use the LaunchAppAndWait function to launch the IOLibrary.exe. I manage to run and extract the IOLibrary.exe but it doesn't wait until the Setup.exe finish. I found out that the LaunchAppAndWait just wait the IOLibrary,exe extraction process end but doesn't wait for the Setup.exe.


Then I found out about the /extract_all function to only extract the IOLibrary.exe but not sure how to use it in my case. I means how to write it for Basic MSI installscript.

Found a few example which wrote like "setup.exe /extract_all". But I got an error for this. I think need to write something like


LaunchAppAnWait(IOLibrary.exe, SupportDir, " /extract_all:C:\Temp");


But if using this kind of function, it will extract the IOLibrary.exe and then straightaway launching the Setup.exe.


Please help me. I've been doing this since last 3weeks. T_T



Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 04 October 2013 - 13:16

Do you know which tool was used to create the inner setup.exe? It may simply be a launcher which starts another process. If the inner setup is InstallScript, then try setup.exe /SMS