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using PlaceBitmap

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Posted 18 June 2001 - 22:32

I have been trying to get a bitmap to appear in the installer without any success. I have tried different bitmaps and different arguments to PlaceBitmap. I have also tried using different paths to the bitmaps like SUPPORTDIR ^ "ntback.bmp" or "c:\temp tback.bmp". I read all the documentation, but it doesn't help any.

Anyone have some hints?

Blake Miller Wonder

Blake Miller Wonder
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Posted 27 June 2001 - 17:23

We have seen problems with certain display drivers.
Also, if you enable the 256 color background, your bitmap might use different color pallette entries than InstallShield uses, and you might run into trouble there.  Try to keep your bitmap to 16 colors if possible.
Also, move it around a little bit.  We placed a bitmap at offset coordinates 5,10 and it would not show up, but moving it to 6,11 displayed it just fine.  Go figure...