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InstallShield 5 and Windows 2000 compatibility

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Posted 15 February 2001 - 07:03

When launching an InstallShield 5 based Setup on Windows 2000 Advanced Server without administrative rights, an error message is given:
"Setup has detected that UninstallShield is in use. Please close UnInstallShield and restart Setup. Error 432."

No UninstallShield instances are running. The user should get message "To install <product>, you must have administrative rights to this machine".

When trying to run UninstallShield on W2K Adv. Server without administrative rights, the following error is given:
"Unable to locate/process internal binary resource."

Sometimes when trying to start Setup on Japanese W2K host without administrative rights, the Setup immediately shows an empty message box and exits.

Sometimes the following error occurs on the start of Setup.exe on W2K host:
"Setup.INS has become corrupted. Unable to load installation instruction. Error 704"

Needless to say that the same Setup works on non-W2K hosts.

I've already read InstallShield Support documents:
Q105007 and Q104333 but with no help.

If any of you what might cause these problems (or better yet, how can these be fixed in IS5.x) I'd really appreciate that. Please note that I can not upgrade to IS6, I MUST use IS5.1 or IS5.5.



Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 15 February 2001 - 08:33

While setup initializes it tries to copy the isuninst.exe to the Windows directory. If that fails, it displays the error message about "uninstallshield in use" (because one cause for the problem could be that isuninst.exe is running and therefore can't be replaced). This error message is misleading, but there's not much you can do about it, because this happens before your script is started. All you could do is wite an EXE that checks for admin rights, and only launches setuo.exe if the user has sufficient rights.


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Posted 07 June 2005 - 07:58

@admin: Is there not much we can do as well for the inappropriate message "Unable to locate/process internal binary resource" when a non-admin is uninstalling?

This inappropriate message is displayed in some WinXP-operated PCs while in other WinXP-operated PCS, the following is accurately displayed: "The login account does not have the required privileges to remove the selected application. Please use an administrator account." Is there some administrator settings that I should set so that the error message is consistent?

Is there a workaround for the installer that displays "Unable to locate/process internal binary resource", such that I can make it display the correct message?

I am also using IS 5.5 (and might not be able to change IS version for these projects at least).

Thanks a lot mate:D

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