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Tell Silent Install to ignore sz... fields ???

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Posted 14 July 2005 - 00:53


I'm new here so not sure if this is the correct forum. Hope I can get some help on an issue I'm having.

I've generated my ISS file and tried it out and it works great with the silent install.

However when I take that file and try to use it on another computer, it works, but the szEdit# and szDir values are used for the installation.

I would like silent install to ignore these values and just use the default setting that the installer reads in from another location. I tried removing and just leaving blank to see if that would make the file generic and both of these issued a -3 log error, so that won't do it.

Is there a way to tell the Silent Installer through the ISS file to igore these field settings and let the installer do what it does otherwise?

Otherwise I'd have to generate an ISS for each computer.

Any help appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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Posted 14 July 2005 - 08:28

An iss file works for a specific order of install dialogs.
If you use the same file in different situations with the possibility of a difference in dialog order/appearance, the silent installation will fail.

btw: are you sure you are using IS prof. 5.x or is it ISExpress 5.x ?
Gruß / regards