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Reverse of ComponentAddItem

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Posted 18 March 2002 - 11:34

For some reason, I need to remove a component that I added to a script-related component set. I can't seem to find a 'counterpart' or a function that reverses the ComponentAddItem function (I use this function to add to the component set).

If anyone knows how to delete a component from the component set, please reply to this thread. Thank you very much!!!

Another option was to disable that component when I display it in a list box (do not allow the user to tick the checkbox). The problem with this is I also don't know how to disable the component.

Again, if anyone knows how to solve any of these.. please reply to this thread.

Thanks a lot! Really appreciate it!

BTW, I'm using InstallShield 5.53.

Ide Nentjes

Ide Nentjes
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Posted 18 March 2002 - 12:04

That's done by ComponentAddItem as well. Parse FALSE in the last parameter:

So the following syntax
Code Sample
ComponentAddItem (szComponentSet, szComponent, nDataSize, FALSE);

deselects a components. There are a few quirks when selecting/deselecting subcomponents; read the IS docs for extra info.

Disabling is done automatically by IS when you make a component 'required' by another component. Since IS calculates this on build time, there is no way to done this on runtime with a function (at least that I know off).

CU, Ide