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Visual Studio Installer Project to Install Shield 2013

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Posted 18 August 2014 - 23:22

Having trouble getting a visual studio installer project  (vdproj) converted over to install shield.

Using a custom action.


In Visual Studio, we have a custom user interface that tunes the "RadioButtons (4 buttons)"  to prompt for an installation environment type.

It allows 1 of 4 (PROD, QA, UAT, DEV) values to be selected, and stores the Button property as ENVBUTTON.


It then uses a Custom Action that points to primary output from another item in the solution giving:


Arguments [ENVBUTTON]

CustomActionData /PathValue=[ENVBUTTON]

InstallerClass True

Source "reference to the exe produced by the another item in the solution.


The installer creates a special form of the shortcut taking the value of ENVBUTTON.


I have managed to get the dialog setup in Install Shield. Just like the VDPROJ file, it has a radio button group that sets the ENVBUTTON value.

Each radio button has a property value exactly the same as the above. When I run the install shield project, I see the dialog appear and can select an button in the radio group.


So how do I:

(1) Set the property value of ENVBUTTON to the value of the radio button selected inside it;

(2) Link the dialog to a custom action, so that at the point of the installation, the Installer class is called with the value of the ENVBUTTON property passed as an argument.


I have found parts of the solution on this wonderful forum, but cannot seem to figure out the last steps above.


Any help would be greatly appreicated.






Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 19 August 2014 - 08:22

If you associate the ENVBUTTON property with the RadioGroup box it should get set to the value of the selected radio button.


If you need to run the custom action instantly you can add a DoAction control event to the "Next" button. Otherwise insert your custom action in the sequence as appropriate.