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Overwrite files on update

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Posted 18 October 2011 - 10:26

In IS6 there was an option whether files in a file group (now known as component) should be overwritten. The right choice for me then would be "Same or Newer Version then Newer Date" which means for an existing file with version 2.0 and date 11/02/01:
New file version 3.0: always overwrite
New file version 1.0: never overwrite
New file version 2.0:
* New file date 11/03/01: overwrite
* New file date 11/02/01: do not overwrite
* New file date 11/01/01: do not overwrite

How can I get the same behaviour for Windows Installer? If a file has a version tag, Installer does not consider the date, which means 11/03/01 would not overwrite an older file with the same version number.


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Posted 21 October 2011 - 22:07

For the most part, this behavior is now built into basic msi projects.
Review this article:

Note that the default reinstall mode for a file is "omus"
o Reinstall if the file is missing or is an older version.

In this instance, if the file currently installed is "missing or is an older version" then the one contained in your package, the file will be overwritten. Versioned files revert to this rule when their versions are the same. As a side note however, the version of a dll should never be the same if the contents are different.