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Problem with LaunchAppEx

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Posted 02 September 2002 - 17:24

While trying to run a (console) application and get the return code, I tried to use LaunchAppEx from the InstallSite samples.
Now I get a strange behaviour of the install process: when WaitForSingleObject(piData.hProcess, nTimeOut);
waits for the app for the given time, the app does not work anymore.
Just after the end of the timeout interval, the application seems to finish normally.
When I debug and wait for the application to finish before I step to the lines with the WaitForSingleObject-call, everything runs fine.

Any idea?
Gruß / regards

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 04 September 2002 - 07:08

This might be a problem if the launched application sends messages to other Windows. For instance IS 5 setups are known to use SendMessage (instead of PostMessage) to all other top level windows. Since LaunchAppEx doesn't service the message queue while waiting, the other application may appear to be blocked.