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Automatic Installation of any software package

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Posted 13 December 2003 - 11:04

I need some softwate or "script language" to automate installation of software.
The basic idea is to automate install process ,automatic click next i agree reboot enter user registration name,company and so on.
We install lot aplications on single computer and would like to automate this process so we can
speed up this process.
Does exist some tool whis could help us with this problem.

Thank you very much.


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Posted 15 December 2003 - 13:14

Most install software has a "silent mode" which uses a file to get the user actions.
In InstallShield, you can record the mouse clicks and keyboard input and save it in a file. When calling setup the next time, use the parameters for silent mode and define the file which is used for input.
This may vary with the software you use ...

An other attempt is a macro recording software, the german magazine c't has an article about this ...
They have some links to websites with macro recorder software on their pages:
  • http://www.aimsoft.com
  • http://www.americansys.com
  • http://www.chosensoft.com
  • http://www.macros.com
  • http://www.iolo.com
  • http://www.softwareutilities.com/pkindex.htm
  • http://www.cesoft.com

hope this helps ...
Gruß / regards