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ODBC feature breaks registry

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Posted 28 March 2001 - 22:57

I hope this is the right place.

I have an msi that, among other things. installs a couple of ODBC DSNs.  Under some scenarios, permssions to the registry keys storing the ODBC info is changed on the local machine administrators group from FullControl to ReadOnly.

The effect is that when the user tries to edit the DSN through the ODBC manager applet in the control panel, the operation appears to be successful, but the changes don't persist.

The work-around is to use regedt32 to change permissions back to FullControl on the local Administrators' group for that key.  But this is not something we can ask our clients to do.

It is proving difficult to recreate the scenario.  It doesn't happen on my machine, nor the machines in the QA battery.  It happens seemingly randomly when analysts install updates over previous cuts.

References I have seen in the KB for similar problems suggest opeing the RegEdt32 to fix problems, but I don't see how the problems are created in the first place.  Can someone help me discover what I am doing in my msi to cause this unfortunate situation, and maybe tell me how to re-create it consistently or prevent it from happening?