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Version of Win98

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Posted 12 March 2001 - 13:11

i need this information to install a version dependent component


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Posted 13 March 2001 - 13:11

I don't know if InstallShield 5 recognises the Windows 98 correctly. I always use Windows API function GetVersionEx to determine Windows version.

Good © example of using this function can be found from Microsoft's MSDN documentation:


Blake Miller Wonder

Blake Miller Wonder
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Posted 14 March 2001 - 23:55

You need to call the Windows API from a DLL and return the information to your setup application:

OsVer.dwOSVersionInfoSize = sizeof(OSVERSIONINFO);

Return the OsVer.dwBuildNumber into a LONG

// check for Version < WIN98 SE
if( OsVer.dwBuildNumber < 67766446 )

// check for Version > WIN98 SE
if( OsVer.dwBuildNumber > 67766446 )

Build number was 67766446 for Win98 SE.

I have not checked it for Windows ME yet...

Hope that gets you started!