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ISCAB problems with -a option

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Posted 21 August 2002 - 16:20

I've been working with ISCAB on the Installshield community and cannot seem to get the -a option working properly.  It seems that Installshield cannot reproduce the problem.  Stefan could you do me a big favor.  Try the following with Professional 7.  

1. Add Professional 7 Bin folder to your path
2. Create a project using wizard, don't add any files yet. (don't add Insallshield Update Service)
3. Build media, and copy media to your c:\ folder
4. Run iscab c:\disk1\data1.cab -i"test.txt" -L
5. look at the test.txt in notepad. it will list the file groups.
6. add the line: File1="mytest.txt" to one of the file groups
7. create a text file with one line of text in it called mytest.txt
8. Run iscab c:\disk1\data1.cab -i"test.txt" -a

It fails under Professional 7, and not under 6 and 5.  With Professional 7: i get the following exact message:

Error:  Could not find file 'mytest.txt'
The system cannot find the file specified.

But, if you use File1="mytest.txt",".\" then it works.  

Can you reproduce this behaviour?  I've tried on 2 different machines and had the same problem.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 25 August 2002 - 20:57

Just returned to office, haven't had a chance to do the test yet. But I see (on InstallShield's board) that they have found the cause for the problem.
Can you please summarize in which cases (and on which operating systrms) the -a switch doesn't work, so I can add it to the bug list?



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Posted 25 August 2002 - 23:41

On Windows XP (and possibly other platforms but not Windows 2000), when using ISCAB with -a option and not specifying the path, e.g.

[File Group]

instead of
[File Group]

then the file "mytest.txt" is not found, even if it is in the current folder that iscab.exe was run in the command prompt.  

Installshield believes this is a problem with an invalid argument passed into the SearchPath function.  

Installshield tracking number is 1-AK54F