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How to return information from a parcel

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Posted 20 October 2017 - 20:45



I have a Suite project with a number of parcels or installers in it.  They are a combination of PRQs, MSI installers, and setup.exe files.


I would like to use path information in one or more of the individual MSI parcels as data for properties in the suite project.  This data can be variable so I need to get the values and use them at runtime.


I know you can set up your feature tree using a complicated Parcel GUID:PackageCode combination but I don't see any way to retrieve directory entries or properties from parcels.


What I will be using this data for is to set Suite ARP properties such as the Readme link.  I can get this information from reading the registry.  Would an Installscript Event be able to accomplish this for me?  And what is involved in making an event?  I am used to making CAs in Basic MSI projects but not anything similar in Suite UI projects.  I see that I have access to the functions:

SuiteFormatString   SuiteGetProperty   SuiteLogInfo   SuiteResolveString   SuiteSetProperty


however I do not see any property to change that would set the ARP Readme entry.


Any thoughts?