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How to add files for uninstall ?

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Posted 14 April 2003 - 11:05


For my first post, I have got a quite simple question :

Some additionnal files are created after the application installation, (a licence file and a batch to setup the environnment), and obviously they are not removed during the uninstallation. How can I add these files to the list of the files to be removed ?

Oh, I just thought about another one tongue.gif :

The application does not appear in the "Add/Remove Program" under Windows 2000, altough it does appear under Windows XP.

I will greatly appreciate any help !!


PS : I am using IS 5.5


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Posted 14 April 2003 - 15:26

There are (always) two ways to do it:
1. Use the uninstall functions UninstInitialize and UninstUnInitialize, atIS knowledge base see questions

  • Q104204 - HOWTO: Using a Custom DLL to Get Information For uninstallShield Oct 15,1999
  • Q100233 - HOWTO: Calling a Custom DLL Function from unInstallShield Oct 26,1998
  • Q100016 - PRB: Uninstaller Success or Failure Not Passed to UninstUnInitialize Aug 08,1997

2. copy dummy files that are overwritten by the real license/batch file, uninstallshiled will delete the files by their name ...
Gruß / regards