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AppSearch and CompLocator

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Posted 26 December 2003 - 23:25

I have a c++ library I'm trying to package in an MSI file. The main reason for an installer is so the library and headers get installed into the users include and lib directories. The problem is I want it to work with the multiple versions and install types of Visual C++ (dev studio, standard, prof, etc...) , as well as the Platform SDK.

I got it pseudo working by using DrLocator and having it search for stdio.h/libc.lib, but they are too common and I wind up with more than one match (for me it was cygwin/platsdk/dev studio confusing the issue)

My new approach is to use AppSearch/CompLocator with the GUID of the various apps that create an include and lib directory, then getting path information from them. (picking the preferred one first, in this case Visual C++ 6 sp5)

I have a couple questions in regards to this:
Where can I find accurate information about the GUID for the vairious products? (I played around with WListProd.vbs but couldn't get the results I needed)

Is there a "product line guid" or something equivelant?

I guess another approach would be to search for "include" and "lib" directories and then providing a UI to select the appropriate one, but I don't know how to do the UI stuff in MSI.

any help would be greatly appreiciated
Brian Whitman


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Posted 27 April 2004 - 16:51

Is it possible for you to isolate to a particular file...for the install and look for that file and may be get the version..info..to decide the location instead of looking for a directory?