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build error -6118 in multi-language project

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Posted 16 August 2010 - 04:38


My project is InstallScript MSI project, and supports multi-language, include(engilsh, greek, french, italian, german, etc.)

In the project I have a custom dialog with the "Next" "Back" "Cancel" buttons
I export the string table (Greek),
and edit the string from english to greek
"&Next >" to "&Επόμενο >"
"< &Back" to "< &Πίσω" ,
"Cancel" to "Ακύρωση"

then import the Greek string table, build my project
I got the build error...

C:\InstallShield 2009 Projects\myProect\_ISUser1032.rc (23): error RC2103 : unexpected end of file in string literal

ISDEV : error -6118: The Resource compiler failed to build the RES file "C:\InstallShield 2009 Projects\myProect\_ISUser1032.res" required to link the DLL.

its only occur in Greek language, other languages are OK,

Does anyone also have this issue? Please give me some hints.
Thanks in advance...


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Posted 12 January 2011 - 14:48


It's the charset encoding, i think you should use utf-8 but i don't know if installshield support that.

Here, http://stackoverflow...table-entries-t, we can read:
"In InstallShield 2010 and later, it will still accept that or use UTF-8, depending on other columns in that table."

Have you tried to edit your table directly in installshield ?
Or with notepad, change the encoding when you save your file to utf-8.

Nicolas SZIKLAI.