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Information about MSI 4.0

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Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 27 October 2005 - 19:20

Windows Installer 4.0 will be released with Windows Vista.

Information about MSI 4 was presented at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) 2005 in session FUN222: Windows Vista: What’s New in Software Installation for Windows Vista: Exploring the Windows Installer (MSI) and ClickOnce Options

A recording of this presentation is available at http://microsoft.sitestream.com/PDC05/

The powerpoint slides can be downloaded from http://commnet.micro.../downloads.aspx

On November 15, 2005 there will be a chat where members of the Windows Installer Team will answer questions about Windows Installer 4.0. See http://www.installsi...msi/webcast.htm