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Isolation not required

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Posted 22 April 2004 - 16:29

Hi All!

I have an MSI (that I created) that installs/registers some DLLs and OCX files (but no EXE files) to System32 folder. When I run the Application Isolation wizard on that MSI I get a message "No EXE were found hence no isolation is required". Does anyone know how to isolate such an application that does not install any EXE?



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Posted 18 May 2004 - 02:47

Isolation effectively means that your application will first check the local folder for a file it is trying to use. By installing in the sys32 directory you are making the dll and ocx files globally accessible on the system. In an isolation scenario you would normally install these files to the main application installation folder along with the main application EXE. The exe would then use the local copies of the DLL/OCX instead of looking in sys32 (this way you have control over what version of the file you are using - you may need version 5.1.345 but the sys32 folder has version 5.2.222 for example).

I don't have all the information here, but I'd say that if the files you install belong in the sys32 folder you can leave them there and not worry about any isolation at all. If these files shouldn't be installed to sys32 (most often they are better installed locally), you can change them to be installed to the local application folder and then run the isolation wizard again.
-Stein Åsmul