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Registering Com components issue

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 10:41


I have an issue with some dll and ocx files that are not registered. Confusion starts when i noticed that on some test machines it registers as it should, while on others they are not.
If i check the logfiles i see that they are simply skipped but no error message is shown.

Some context info:
I copy some DLL and OCX files to a directory under common components, these need to be registered so i use the "extract at build" option.
If i edit the builded MSI, i can see that the Class, ProgID table are populated with the extracted info.
Manual registering the files works fine.
The files are all in separate components and these are attached to only 1 feature.
I have the impression that the registration is not done on machines were an older version of the program was installed and registration of those files were already done (in another location).

I thought that the normal behaviour would be if the files were copied, the registration would always be done. Obviously this is not the case and i don't know the rules of this behaviour and i don't have error messages to start solving this problem.

Is there anyone who can explain the normal behavior and therefor explaining why this is happening?


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Posted 30 July 2008 - 07:57

We have found out that the problem is related to the automated commandline tool (ISCmdBld.exe) where the extraction during build fails. When we build it manually with the Installshieldinterface, there's no problem.

So i think this issue should be followed up on the Installshield forum.