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Preventing Reinstalling When Application Is in U

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Swami Gurumoorthy

Swami Gurumoorthy
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Posted 29 October 2001 - 22:11

I use IS Pro 5.51

I want to prevent the user from ReInstalling the application when the
application.exe is in use. I tried to use DeInstallSetReference but it
helps only if the user is trying to Uninstall as opposed to
Reinstalling. So when the user tries to reinstall when the exe is in use
it gives an ugly error message and quits setup.

How will I do this?



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Posted 30 October 2001 - 08:53

Just check at the beginning of setup.rul for the exe (here as svApp) being locked/in use:
Code Sample
if( Is( FILE_LOCKED, svApp )) then
  MessageBox( ... );