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Custom vs. Complete - Feature Selection

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Posted 25 July 2001 - 22:09

Hi, everyone.

I am using ISWI 2.0 to develop a WIndows Installer that presents two setup types - Complete and Custom.

1. I choose the "Custom" radio button and then click the "Next" button.
2. I unselect one of the Features by setting it to the Red X stating "This feature will not be available."
3. I click the "Back" button and choose the "Complete" radio button and click the "Next" button.
4. I complete the installation. The unselected Feature will not be installed.

Is this the design of the Windows Installer?

How can I force the Feature selection back to the default choices (all) for the "Complete" setup type?

I have tried calling the SetInstallLevel function on the "Next" button click event of the SetupType dialog box using zero as a parameter. According to the MS P-SDK:
"The SetInstallLevel method of the Session object sets the install level for the current installation to a specified value and recalculates the Select and Installed states for all features in the Feature table. It also sets the Action state of each component in the Component table based on the new level.

If 0 is passed for the installLevel parameter, the current install level is not changed, but all features are still updated based on the current install level. For example, this functionality could be used by the Handler module to reset all selections back to their initial default states at any point in the UI selection process."

Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree with this SetInstallLevel function. Maybe I need to set up a subscription in the SetupType dialog box. Any suggestions?

This may be a popular oversight in developing Window Installers.

Thanks for any advice on this problem. I appreciate it.

Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 26 July 2001 - 08:16

It's a bug in the project created by the IPWI 2.0 project wizard. Add the following to the behaviour of the Next button:
Event: AddLocal
Argument: ALL
Condition: _IsSetupTypeMin = "Typical"


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Posted 26 July 2001 - 15:55

Perfect! It works great.

Thanks once again, Stefan.