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Replace Existing files

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Dave I

Dave I
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Posted 09 January 2002 - 17:56

Will a file in the system32 folder be replaced by a another file of the same name, same version but newer modified date?

Old File:
Creation Date 01/10/2001
Modified Date 01/10/2001

New File:
Creation Date=09/10/2001
Modified Date=09/10/2001

The windows installer is having difficulty replacing files from our old install (pre-windows installer) even though the modified dates are greater.


Stefan Krueger

Stefan Krueger


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Posted 11 January 2002 - 18:57

By default only older versions will be overwritten, so these files won't be replaced (date doesn't matter). Setting REINSTALLMODE=emus should work however. In general it is strongly suggested that you prperly increase the version numbers of your files.