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Folder Shortcut Problem

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Posted 07 September 2001 - 22:57

Using IPWI 2.03 and am using the IDE to create a shortcut to an empty folder created during the install.

I have read the article on creating a shortcut to a folder in Q105374 (Installshield's Knowledge Base).  I have followed those steps to create a shortcut to an empty folder that is created during the install (Advertised =No, Target=[INSTALLDIR]\Shortcuts).

The problem I have is associating an icon with the shortcut.  I have tried to set the "Icon File" to a *.ico file that is installed at [INSTALLDIR]\mydir without any success.  After install, I looked at the Properties for the shortcut - the icon file being used by the shortcut is not the expected *.ico file, but a *.exe generated by the installer.  I have tried a number of tactics without success.  I prefer not to get into Installscript since we want to make this fairly simple to maintain.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


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Posted 20 September 2001 - 16:47

Wanted to share the solution to my problem (Installshield support provided the answer):

Add an entry to the Directory table for my case, as follows:

Directory -> MYSHORTCUTS
Directory Parent -> INSTALLDIR
DefaultDir -> Shortcuts

In the Shortcuts component Shortcut definition:

Icon File -> <ISProjectFolder>\MAnTSSInstall\Shortcuts\mantss.ico

It works great!